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Military Lawyers

We are Solicitors specialising in Military Law and armed forces legal services. Whatever your issue, we can help.

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Our lawyers are ex-HM Forces and specialise in helping current and former military personnel.

LEXCELAccredited Criminal Litigation

We have been awarded the Law Society's LEXCEL award for the past nine years, showing excellence in Client Care.

Some of our recent cases include:

  • 20+ Attendances at Military Police Interviews in Germany
  • Attendance at Military Police Interview in Brunei
  • Court Martial in Bulford for Assault
  • Court Martial in Germany for Burglary
  • MAJOR AGAI 67 help to Afghanistan
  • CDT Fails at ARRC and Portsmouth
  • RMP Interview-under-caution in Cyprus
  • RMP Interview-under-caution in Bulford
  • Two flights to Falkland Islands
  • Civilian trials for Army Personnel in Canada
  • Court Martial in Colchester for Fraud
  • MAJOR AGAI 67 appeal in Colchester
  • MAJOR AGAI 67 help to Iraq
  • MAJOR AGAI 67 appeal in Abingdon
  • Three week court martial in Germany
  • Brunei Major AGAI 67 review
  • Court Martial in Northern Ireland
  • Court Martial in Catterick

LEXCELAccredited Criminal LitigationAuthorised and Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, number 439818.