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Army Legal Services


We have extensive experience of representing military personnel in Interview under Caution.

If you are arrested and interviewed by service police, you are entitled to have a solicitor OF YOUR CHOICE to look after you FREE OF CHARGE.

They may try to persuade you to have a prosecution lawyer from a different service branch to represent you so that you can speed matters up. You DO NOT have to go along with this. You may prefer an independent solicitor outside of the Forces to look after your interests. We travel worldwide at SHORT NOTICE to represent our Military Clients.

You can INSIST that we look after you. You do not have to have a lawyer from inside the armed forces.

Interview-under-Caution is a complicated area of law, and the outcomes can be very important for your future career.

Asking for a solicitor when you are arrested is NOT an admission of wrongdoing at all, it is simply making sure that you are protected. We travel throughout the UK and around the world to look after our military clients.

We have extensive experience of represening people who have been arrested.

If you find youself arrested, you can INSIST on speaking with us at any time day or night on 01452 720827.

You are NOT obliged to accept the Service Lawyer to represent you just to save time. You may prefer to have independent solicitors look after you, rather than prosecution lawyers from another branch of the services.

We travel at short notice anywhere in the world to assist our military clients and protect their interests. Call us anytime on 01452 7200827.

Remember your Rights:

  1. Tell the Police that you want a solicitor to help you while you are at the police station.
  2. Tell the Police if you want someone to be told that you are at the police station.
  3. Tell the Police if you want to look at their rule-book called the Codes of Practice.

We are available 24 hours a day to assist you.

Our number is 01452 720827 / 07977 597709.

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