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Army Legal Services

Criminal Law

Criminal Law is a serious and complex area.

Decisions taken (or not taken) at Police Interview and Court can have long-lasting effects.

Being suspected of a criminal offence can be a worrying experience. We are specialists in criminal law.

We help military personnel facing problems with both the military and the civilian authorities.

If you are convicted of a criminal offence in the civilian courts it is likely that you may then face MAJOR AGAI 67 action for failing the service test.

This means that a conviction for a relatively minor civilian offence can have very serious consequences for service personnel.

It is important to vigorously defend each and every allegation, however minor. We are Defence Law specialists and will vigorously defend your interests in the police cells and at court. Contact us now on 01452 720827 or 07977 597709.

LEXCELAccredited Criminal LitigationAuthorised and Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, number 439818.